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No Graft Counting - Focused on Quality

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Request a Complimentary Hair Restoration Analysis

Consultations take a holistic approach to hair loss by understanding your objectives and through science-based analysis:

  • Medical History
  • Hormonal Determination
  • Folliscopic Examination
  • Trichotest® Genetic Testing

We’ve seen firsthand the meaningful impact regaining a full, healthy-looking head of hair has on confidence, vitality and emotional wellbeing. Our experience and breadth of hair restoration solutions allows us to make unbiased recommendations tailored for each individual based on what matters most- success and value:

  • Hair Restoration Surgery
  • LaserCap & Fotona Laser Therapy
  • Regenerative Plasma Therapy
  • Hormone Balancing Therapy
  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation
  • HairMax Nutritional Supplements

Board-Certified Physician and Top Rated Hair Doctor

Experience - Dr. Martin Maag is a board-certified physician and medical director at Honest Hair Restoration, located in Bradenton, and Tampa, Florida.

Commitment to Hair - He offers NeoGraft® technology and research to perform follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplants, eyebrow transplants and more to give patients the full head of hair they desire without extensive downtime.

We are committed to providing honest assessments and individualized service — to deliver outstanding results - and value for your money - all in a discreet and caring manner.