Hair Loss Specialist – Dr. Martin Maag

Top Rated Hair Restoration Doctor in Florida - Dr. Martin Maag

Martin Maag, MD, is a board-certified physician and the medical director at Honest Hair Restoration, located in Bradenton, and Tampa, Florida.

Dr. Maag offers one-on-one doctor support because of the way his practice is structured. He performs the patient consultations, is present during the entire hair restoration process and is available for answering questions before, during, and after your treatment, In other words, he’s there for his patients from start to finish.

Dr. Maag looks forward to consultations with clients and helping them with their hair restoration goals. Everyone is welcome at Honest Hair Restoration.


Advanced Hair Loss Solutions

Our practice offers the latest advances in hair restoration, including exosomal injections, NeoGraft® technology assisted, ProGrowth Combination FUE technique for undetectable hair transplants, beard transplants and eyebrow transplants. Dr. Maag also offers additional products from the Theradome Pro LH80 FDA cleared Laser cap to prescription-strength and custom-blended medications to give patients the full, thick hair of their dreams.

Dr. Maag offers alopecia consultation and medical management, counseling, and other support services to help patients find a hair restoration solution that fits their personalized needs, lifestyle, and desired outcome. Dr. Maag is there for patients during every step of their journey from consultations and treatment and post-treatment care to phone calls that can help answer any of your questions.


Board-Certified Hair Loss Care

ABFM Medicine


Top Rated Hair Restoration Doctor

Medical Director and Medical Consultant of HHR


Over 25 Years Expeirence

Hair Transplants, Emergency and Family Medicine


No-Cost Hair Loss Analysis

We’ve seen firsthand the meaningful impact regaining a full, healthy-looking head of hair has on confidence, vitality and emotional wellbeing. Our experience and breadth of hair restoration solutions allows us to make unbiased recommendations tailored for each individual based on what matters most - success and value.

Our hair loss consultations take a holistic approach to hair loss by understanding your objectives and through science-based analysis.